Friday, February 3, 2012

Variables That Turn You Into A Bad Credit Applicant

Many people get surprised when they see that their credit score is too low for them to obtain a loan or credit card from traditional sources. And many wonder why they are considered by lenders bad credit applicants. Well, here are some guidelines that will help you understand why lenders consider some applicants as too risky while others are suitable and qualify for the loan products they need.

There are basically two factors that describe why people are good or bad credit applicants. Yet, these factors can be divided into further categories. But, in order to give a systematic idea of what makes a borrower a bad credit applicant these two particular variables need to be identified: Credit Assessment and the applicant’s background.

Reliability In The Eyes Of The Lenders

What lenders are desperate to know is whether the applicant will be able to repay the loan. They resort to all kind of measures in order to make sure that the money is fully paid off and they compensate with higher interests any probability of default. The reliability of the applicant is thus, what makes it a Bad Credit Applicant or a Good credit Applicant.

How is reliability measured? Simple, by means of credit assessment. Normally when you know someone you plan to work with, you share simple things first and then you keep increasing their responsibilities as your confidence in them grows. In the financial market, there is no room or time for that and thus, there are credit bureaus that gather all the experiences of different companies with a particular person and put them together into a credit report.

Credit Assessment Explained

Credit Assessment is done through a credit report and a credit score or rank. This report includes all your past repayment history along with other details on your financial life. By means of comparing your situation with other predefined states and through several variables that can affect negatively or positively, your credit score is calculated and then included in your report.

The report has pertinent information that can be of aid to lenders and financial institutions to know what your behavior will be if they decide to grant you a loan. It may sound unfair to you to be judged by your old mistakes but truth is that statistics show that people don’t tend to change the way they face their financial obligations and that the risk of default is higher for those that have defaulted in the past.

The Applicant’s Background

There are other details that will also be taken into account by the lender when the time of deciding whether to approve your bad credit loan or not has come. The type of job you do is an important factor for example, because there are some jobs that are more risky than others and thus, the terms of the bad credit loan need to be modified to include this additional risk. Also the job type will give an idea of what your income is but also what it will be in some time and whether it is stable or not. All this information is essential for lenders to analyze your application.

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