Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Is Reducing Expenses The Best Way Out Of Debt?

Many times we hear people saying that they have to reduce their expenses, because there is not enough income to pay for everything. No more movies for a while, no more dining out, less fashionable sneakers for the kids, whatever you say, you name it. There is great danger in that attitude, since it inevitable leads to poverty. Find out why.

Why Do I Mention “Attitude”?

Attitude is everything. It comes from a wrong mindset that orders you to get smaller and smaller, economically speaking. You reduce expenses, but you never have enough. Reducing expenses is not a solution. It eventually leads you to an attitude of poverty, which in turn makes you weary and hopeless. You may lose your job and although you get another one soon, it is not as good as the previous one and so things get worse with every step you take.

So Then?

The opposite, namely, increasing income, is the right way, although with a sensible administration of what you have at the moment. As soon as you detect that something has to be done at once, it is increasing your earnings that will bring a full satisfaction to your feelings. You want more but you don’t have enough? Get moving to have more, so you will eventually acquire the attitude of generating riches.

In consequence, if you are in debt and you take on a positive attitude, you will be in a condition to act wisely and negotiate a good ending to your unpaid bills. The same attitude will enable you to feel secure enough to get a better job, an increase, close more and better deals if you are self-employed, innovate in your business, you name it.

The “Mindset”, That Repeated Little Word

Mindset means a set of rules that governs your mind. It makes you act in a determined way, not really knowing why. Just thinking of the convenience of a different attitude will make you begin to doubt about your previous beliefs. If you reduce expenses, you are reacting to circumstances. Reaction comes from the guts. If you increase your income, you are responding to circumstances and that, my friends, comes from the brain.

The Most Powerful Weapon

Our brain is our most powerful weapon. It enables us to learn to exit from a difficult situation with an innovative attitude. Now, back to the point: Who doesn’t want to have more and more? The only way to have it is generating it in our minds. Whatever we are capable of believing, this we shall achieve.

There are so many ways to increase income that sometimes it surprises me to see how people always choose some next to impossible ways of reducing expenses. And that happens because debt produces fear. And fear is the worst advisor. Remember one thing: Whatever you wish to have, will also bring a way to obtain it. It’s just a matter of finding the way. It’s worth while giving it a try, isn’t it?

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