Friday, January 13, 2012

Furnishing The Living Room Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Furnishing the living room is probably the most expensive thing about decorating a property. The costs of furniture can be really high if you decide to purchase everything new and state of the art. However, it is possible to keep things fashionable while at the same time avoid overspending. Here are some ideas about this issue and financing solutions when there is no other option than to purchase a new product.

The key to furnishing is not to exceed the number of items that rationality suggests. Rooms, especially big ones, need to have focused spots and clear spaces. The lights intensity needs to be according to the spot style and needs. For example, a place where food or snacks are sometimes served doesn’t need too much light while a place where you sit to read should have proper illumination.

Ideas For Resting and Relaxation

There is no need to purchase those expensive couches with computerized movements directed with a remote control. Of course they provide a lot of relaxation but there are ways to obtain similar results with some alternatives that are both cheaper and less space consuming. For example, a rocking chair can be very relaxing, both the movement and the soft sound can help you rest after you finished eating. It’s much better than going straight to bed.

A divan instead of a couch for watching TV is another great idea; it’s like having a bed on the living room only it’s much more stylish. Imagine, having a divan just like therapist have to help patients relax and think. These special long seats are perfect to provide comfort while being decorative at the same time. And due to their shape, they can be accommodated in almost any kind of living room (preferably against a wall)

Space Optimizing Ideas

When it comes to optimizing space there are basically two things you need to consider: when space is limited you need to resort to light furniture. For example, instead of a solid wood table, you can use one with a light metal base and a glass on top. The use you can give to it is exactly the same and visually it provides a lot more space because you can see through the glass.

The other thing that you need to consider is taking advantage of space using furniture with drawers. For example, if you need to choose a table for the TV and DVD or other appliances, try to find a table with drawers where you can store things that would otherwise take space visually. Keep decorations to a minimum on small rooms as it will provide a sense of amplitude. Light colors on the walls, especially white, tend to visually increase a room size while dark colors tend to shrink it.

Financing Options For Purchasing Furniture

If you need to finance the purchase of furniture, there are many options out there. You can resort to credit cards for small purchases (less than a thousand). For higher amounts you can resort to unsecured personal loans too. But if you want to get funds to purchase everything you need and get at the same time great terms, you’d better apply for a home improvement loan based on equity which provides lower rates, longer repayment programs and thus, lower monthly payments.

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